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We design and produce thermoformed trays for technical applications, for internal industrial handling and transportation.

Thermoformed packaging for industrial use, designed to be integrated into the robotic assembly and manufacturing lines. The disposable or reusable trays are made with a high percentage of recycled materials, in thicknesses up to 2 mm.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the design phase and the precision of the moulds made inside CNC, the trays overlap without burdening on components or semi-finished content, making them suitable even for delicate products. On the contrary, when unused, they can be stacked one in the other occupying less space.

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blister prodotti personalizzati


blister prodotti personalizzati

Our industrial trays are carefully designed with special geometric shapes and ribs to ensure stability and strength even with materials with reduced thickness.

  • Protecting content and optimizing storage volumes
  • Eventually with sealing undercuts to block the content
  • Dissipative, conductive or antistatic materials for electronic applications
  • Scratch-resistant laminated materials

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