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Here are the main sectors where blisters and thermoforming processes are used to protect, package and handle products.


In the cosmetics industry, the thermoforming process is used to make blisters that protect and preserve the valuable contents, allowing their transparency to better show the product to customers.

Thermoforming makes it possible to create box interiors that protect and secure the product. The use of flocked materials with a 'velvety' effect also increase the value perceived by the user.

Also in the cosmetics sector, thermoformed handling trays allow the safe organisation and handling of products on production and packaging lines.

Pharmaceutical, medical and personal care

Box interiors for ampoules and vials allow for proper organisation of the products within the generally cardboard packages and preserve their integrity. Box liners are also often used to hold medical accessories or machine parts.

Bivalve blisters add a higher level of protection and benefit the use of more specific medical products that need to arrive intact until use.


House accessories

Thermoformed blisters are used to contain household items such as cleaning products, air fresheners, decorations and lighting.

They are also often used for the distribution of toys as they can easily preserve individual components and prevent them from being damaged or lost. Kitchen accessories such as knives and more specific accessories also benefit from the use of blister packs.

Finally, it is worth mentioning their use for the packaging of stationery items that we often find at newsstands such as pens, scissors, etc..

Large-scale retail trade

Removable blisters, bivalve briefcases, briefcases with handles or wedge-shaped cases are among the most popular products in the retail packaging sector. The reasons are: low cost, high product protection and visibility, flexibility in use.

The classic blister in fact adapts perfectly to the needs of the large-scale retail trade, which needs to organise and display large quantities of products on special counter or floor-standing displays thanks to the slot at the top of the blister itself.

Also in this case, this type of packaging guarantees high product protection.

Ironmongery and do it yourself

Like the retail trade, the hardware industry also uses thermoforming to protect, display and distribute its products. A simple blister can be used to preserve the product and in some cases, also protect the user from any sharp or pointed parts typical of products such as blades, awls, etc..

Bivalve blister, on the other hand, allows for easy packaging and distribution of small products such as screws, bolts, electrical components etc. The possibility of reclosing this type of blister even without the use of machinery is particularly appreciated.


Thermoformed handling trays trays are, due to their durability, resistance and low cost, an excellent tool for handling goods within companies. Reusable several times during production cycles, they are specially designed to handle and assemble products on assembly lines automatically assisted by robots or personnel. The use of antistatic materials also protects the electronic boards from electrostatic charges.

Heat-sealed box or blister interiors are used for the distribution of the finished product, protecting it from knocks, tampering and keeping the product visible to the buyer at all times.


In this sector thermoformed trays are the most popular product.Specially designed to position and handle products during all stages of processing and assembly.

Careful design and use of reinforcing ribs also allow the trays to be used to firmly support even heavy mechanical components.

Thermoformed blisters for every packaging requirement, from traditional to anti-shoplifting blisters

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