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BE GREEN is our motto, our vision, it represents the direction in which the entire company is moving. It’s the exhortation we address to all our customers and suppliers in order to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and preserve the environment.

For this reason, we have decided to adopt a sustainable approach that witnesses our social commitment to grant a better future.

“Make a better packaging” represents the method with which we aim to achieve this result, that is creating blisters which are increasingly better, not only in terms of their technical characteristics but also in terms of the production criteria adopted.

Our eco-sustainable approach can be observed in various business areas.


Using less raw material is possible thanks to a redesign of the produced packaging.

The careful design, made by our technicians, allows us to considerably reduce the raw materials that are used. In some cases, the redesign allows a 30% reduction of the amount of material used. All of this comes with with obvious advantages, both environmental point of view, and in reducing costs.

ottimizzazione del packaging
utilizzo di plastica riciclata


Among the various options available, we can offer our customers blisters made from recycled plastic.

Regenerated PET is an excellent option for every company that aims to adopt an approach as eco-sustainable as possible, like us.

This material preserves the excellent protection and transparency qualities of the blister made with virgin material, and therefore it’s hardly distinguishable to the final user.


Choosing suppliers close to our reality, operating mainly in the provinces of Varese and Milan, allows us to make significant savings in material supply logistics, reducing road transport pollution.

Furthermore, using Italian suppliers ensures that every product complies with current certifications and regulations.

Approvvigionamento materie prime

Energy production

Since 2011, our photovoltaic system has made our company GREEN

The 180 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof of two buildings used as warehouses, is able to generate over 1/3 of the annual electricity needs while the green energy produced in excess during weekends and holidays and not consumed is fed into the national grid, allowing an overall saving of approximately 150 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The project is part of a wider environmental policy aimed not only at the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere but also the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials assisted by specific recycling procedures of the waste from production which contributes, between sales and savings on purchases from processing, to 2% of the turnover of GNC.

for vehicles

Two charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles have recently been activated. They’re equipped with a nominal power of 22 kW in a three-phase mode and have a RFID enabling system and a reader that allows activation only to authorised people.

The charging system is available to company vehicles and to any of our guests who may need it.

The charging stations are interfaced with our photovoltaic panels. The system directs the overproduction of energy generated by the system to the charging sockets, optimising the energy consumption of the company.


our green commitment

The company is equipped with a photovoltaic system that reduces the consumption of electricity and atmospheric emissions of CO2.

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