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azienda GNC blister and thermoforms
azienda GNC blister and thermoforms
azienda GNC blister and thermoforms

Supported by a passion that has been renewing for over 40 years, GNC is successfully operating in the packaging market, making customer care and service quality its main points of strength.

A constant search for functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasant and attractive packing solutions is combined with the use of recyclable and renewable materials according to the directives of a Company Quality System certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

CISQ National Certificate


IQNet International Certificate



Environmental sustainability (system) certification
During 2021, invited by a large multinational company, GNC carried out an analysis of its environmental, social and ethical performance through ECOVADIS collaborative platform, which issued, after through evaluation, the Bronze sustainability certification.

This solution is a valuable tool for companies that want to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers and reduce their social and environmental impact. Ecovadis is among the best-known international eco-sustainability rating platforms, and for this reason many companies turn to it in their dealings with their suppliers. Therefore, it has now become an indispensable element as it forms the core of the company's ethics and defines its character by emphasising its total commitment to health, environment and safety.


Design and produce thermoformed packaging and blister packs to meet the needs of the markets, always propositional towards our customers, paying attention to environmental protection and ensuring maximum production availability and flexibility.

Nowadays, an inborn inclination towards innovation and growth has enabled GNC to have more and more performing machinery (11 packing lines and 9 thermoforming machines) with a daily production capacity of 300,000 blisters and over 400,000 thermoforms as well as more and more space for storage (10,000 square metres of covered surface) to provide integrated logistics services to customers, with storage of the products to be packaged and distribution of the finished product.

The constant growth has not compromised the company’s agility but increased its capacity to offer a customised and rapid service.

In the contract packaging department, we produce traditional blisters, mono-material or separable material blisters and high frequency welded packaging. The thermoforming lines produce clamshells for blister and sliding packaging, wedge-shaped folding blisters, special containers, counter display units, trays for automation logistics and thermoformed trays of all kinds.

In addition to the above customised solutions, GNC offers valid and economic standardized packaging alternatives, available in limited batches and in a variety of formats ready for delivery, providing a unique range of solutions.

A quality choice

Always careful to client satisfaction, we promptly control the most significant markers of our activity, fixing every year more ambitious targets.

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Certified Quality Management System
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Cert. n° 411

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