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    We offer a comprehensive service that enables companies to: reduce costs,
    implement environmentally sustainable policies and enhance product value


ottimizzazione del packaging

Reducing the amount of material used is an easy way to enable cost containment, better use of resources and sustainable packaging.

Material reduction can be achieved by re-engineering packaging to reduce the amount of material used. Our technical department redesigns packaging in order to reduce plastic film consumption and production waste. This optimisation is achieved both by re-designing the structure of packaging and by interventions to allow the use of a thinner and therefore lighter material.

Interventions of this type allow reductions in the material used of up to 30%.

A real project to assist the customer in the process of optimising the used material and consequently reducing the consumption of raw materials


Make your packaging more eco-friendly! As consumers become more and more concerned about protecting the planet, they are paying more and more attention to using eco-friendly packaging.

Would you like to create eco-friendly packaging for your product?

Thanks to our accumulated experience in thermoformed packaging design, the study of materials and the display needs of our customers, we have all the know-how and creativity necessary to identify and design the best sustainable packaging solution.

Our eco-design service aims to identify the most efficient and functional solution in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

ottimizzazione del packaging
ottimizzazione del packaging

Notify the sustainability of
your packaging to customers

Don't stop at re-designing packaging, but use communication to let consumers know about your company's focus on environmental issues, design efficiency, packaging life cycle and selected materials for a more sustainable future.

Use the labelling process to inform the user, declare the final destination of your packaging and its recyclability.

  • study and design of environmentally sustainable packaging
  • selection of recyclable materials
  • construction of dedicated moulds and optimisation of production processes


blister sfilabili
valigette cuneiformi

Redesigning the packaging is an activity that can also offer communicative advantages. Good packaging makes it possible to better present the product, promote purchasing and persuade the user.

Good wrapping can enhance and make the product more appreciable by the consumer. The addition of eyelets for hanging the product or stabilising supports allow a better display of the product.


Experience accumulated over years of working with customers in various fields of activity combined with knowledge of raw materials enables us to offer a complete packaging design or redesign service.

Design of packaging is done using CAD stations and allows a rapid simulation of the result obtained as well as a precise estimate of the quantity of material used. The use of numerical control machines allows rapid prototyping and verification of the result obtained before moving on to the manufacture of the moulds.

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