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servizio confezionamento
servizio confezionamento
servizio confezionamento

The company is capable of producing 400,000 blisters per day offering a complete service for third parties starting from goods received from Customers and integrating them with the components necessary to obtain the desired package.

You can choose between different types of blister according to your protection needs, distribution channels and the product value by working on aspects of shape design to enhance the content and ensure maximum visibility.

The entire process is subject to a registration activity to ensure traceability of the packaged products and the components used.

A solution for every need, from the traditional to the anti-theft blister

Traditional blister packaging

This is produced by sealing a thermoformed blister valve on a treated cardboard. It is the most widely used solution due to its low-cost thanks to fully automatic production lines that guarantee high productivity.

  • Productivity
  • Affordability

Blister packaging made of separable materials

The thermoformed blister valve is withheld in a sandwiched between two cardboards which are thermo-sealed along the perimeter allowing easy separation of the materials used.
Elegance and plenty of space available for communication distinguish the packaging.

  • Productivity
  • Inviolability
  • Ecology

High frequency welded packaging

The high degree of inviolability is achieved by high-frequency welding on the perimeter of the package without damaging the card insert inside.
Any additions of electromagnetic or radio frequency security tags make such packages suitable for the protection of high-value products.

  • Inviolability
  • Ecology

We do not stop at just the single product

Incoming Logistics

Management of material supplies, reception control, storage according to FIFO logic and supply of the production lines.

...and outgoing!

Checks on the finished product, storage, transportation planning and distribution management.


Traceability of products, raw materials and components on account of processing made available for Customers.

Insertion of security clip

Electromagnetic or radio frequency labels to ensure the protection of your products.

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Certified Quality Management System
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Cert. n° 411

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