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We have three CNC machining centres, including two at high speed with automatic tool change warehouse and CAD/CAM stations.

The workshop is able to design each display and packaging system, from prototyping to producing the mould. In doing so, the Customer can follow every single engineering phase and make prompt changes at reduced costs.

Rapid prototyping and reverse engineering techniques combined with the use of specific resins allow obtaining functional models in a short time.
Design and development planning takes place with intermediate stages of review, verification and validation of the project.

We are constantly improving our consulting and design services so that even the packaging has the "Made in Italy" appeal, in order to propose ourselves as a reliable partner for the supply of thermoformed packages, the packaging and the logistics.


We have a covered area of 10,000 m2 of which 2/3 are for warehouse use.

  • Supplies management
  • Reception controls
  • Storage according to FIFO logic
  • Checks on the finished product
  • Warehouse and transport planning
  • Use of EAN 128 labels to ensure the traceability of individual logistic units.

The possibility of the direct shipment of goods to European distribution centres packed with the Customer documents.


Since March 2000 we are certified UNI EN ISO 9001, today at the 2015 edition.
We carry out quality control at acceptance, both at reception as well as during production and on the finished product, using sampling plans based on variables and attributes according to UNI ISO 2859:2007.
Complete traceability of products, raw materials and components on account of processing made available for Customers.

CISQ National Certificate


IQNet International Certificate


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Certified Quality Management System
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Cert. n° 411

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